Who are we?A trial taking place in a traditional courthouse.

Justice Africa is a not-for-profit research centre, advocacy group and think-tank that seeks to promote human rights and social justice across Africa. We are based in London and Juba, and are registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales No. 1109341

Who do we work for?

We work for all Africans. We support all African peoples’ rights to self determination, social justice, economic liberty, and freedom from the fear of violence or coercion

What do we support?

We support the African Union and its Constitutive Document; the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights; and the Protocols Establishing an African Court of Human Rights, and Establishing a Peace and Security Council

We support the United Nations and the international efforts to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; we affirm our particular support for the Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and Social and Economic Rights

We support the international efforts made to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in all African nations

Who funds us?

Justice Africa provides audited accounts for each project that are made available to those organisations that fund us. Our audited accounts are filed annually with the Charity Commission of England and Wales

Justice Africa has been funded by the following organisations:

Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust
Action by Churches Together
Australian Aid
African Women’s Development Foundation
The Belgian Government
The Heinrich Boll Foundation
Bread for the World
Christian  Aid
Comic Relief
The European Commission
Ford Foundation
Italian Embassy, Nairobi
Ministry for Development Cooperation, Netherlands
Netherlands Embassy, Khartoum
National Endowment for Democracy
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Oxfam Australia
Oxfam Belgium
The Olof Palme Centre
The Open Society Foundation of Southern Africa
United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office
United States Institute of Peace

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