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Justice Africa Sudan,is a    non-governmental organization, founded in 2008 to advocate for human rights and support the civil society in Sudan through conferences, media work, publications and work with decision-makers, FAO is working in the field to support the activities of civil society in peace and justice, democracy and social development.

• Justice Africa managed by approach (for and with Africans and African communities; guided by the Pan-African slogan: “Nothing for me without me”.

• In Sudan – Sudan dialogue program includes / Sudanese, organizing conferences for Sudanese civil society organizations around ((socio-economic rights during the transition period in Sudan, based on a human rights approach in policy development prospects of the Sudanese economy, etc.))

• the organization contributed  in addressing the issues of the referendum and the enforcement of the right to self-determination for citizens of south sudan and put ((dialogues unity and secession in Sudan)) and peaceful coexistence in the Abyei area


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