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Justice Africa is an advocacy organisation and research institute founded in 1999 in London to campaign for human rights and social justice across Africa. We contribute to understanding and resolving some of the most pressing issues on the continent, by means of conferences, media work, publications, direct engagement with policy makers, as well as initiating and supporting civil society activities for peace, justice and democracy in Africa. Justice Africa has become one of the most distinctive and individual voices for Africa and has achieved this because it is run by, for and with Africans and African communities; guided by the Pan-African slogan: “Nothing for me without me”.

We seek to:

  • Build coalitions of institutions, interest groups and individuals with the common aim of seeking solutions to Africa’s developmental and governance challenges;
  • Promote peaceful civic action as a response to the threats of war and human rights abuses;
  • Support dialogue, debate, and the free exchange of ideas across the African continent, especially focusing on the promotion of innovative and constructive approaches to the resolution of conflicts in Africa;
  • Enhance democracy in Africa at local, sub-regional, regional, national and international levels, thereby increasing the legitimacy and accountability of African states and Africa-wide institutions;
  • Support the creation and development of robust and principled civil society groups across Africa;
  • Forge partnerships with a network of organisation to initiate and support civil society activities promoting justice, human rights, democracy and peace in Africa;
  • Address and memorialise issues pertinent to human rights atrocities and genocides in Africa;
  • Promote access to books and other educational resources in Africa.

Our initial focus began with the “Horn of Africa”, a region where the problems of division, conflict, inequitable development and the lack of democracy are particularly acute. Later our focus spread to include the “Great Lakes” region; and through our partnership with regional NGOs and sub-regional institutions took on a pan-African focus. Our current efforts are focussed in South Sudan. We are also working on a memorialisation project with the African Union in Addis Ababa.

Justice Africa now serves as focal point for activities by a range of like-minded organizations in Africa. We partner with a network of organizations, initiating and supporting civil society activities promoting human rights, democracy and peace in Africa; as well as providing some of the best and most distinctive independent research and policy analysis on the continent. As a result a civil society partnership with the African Union (AU) and its emerging institutions has been built, and a publishing and educational arm with the Pan African Development Education and Advocacy Program (PADEAP) has been established.

For more information about our work, visit our programmes section.

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