Sudan-Sudan Dialogue: Election Debates


Organization Name: Justice Africa

Project Title: “Sudan-Sudan Dialogue: Election Debates

Reporting Period: Feb 1st – April 31st 2010

Activities Completed During Reporting Period:

1. In recent months, Justice Africa has endeavored to support civil society in ensuring that the elections are carried out fairly. We have been working with a coalition named Ta’mam in carrying out election and monitoring related activities. Justice Africa has assigned delegates to attend coordination meetings and participate in visits to voter registration centers to aid monitoring. This has included checking adherence to electoral procedures and reporting on any malpractice to the National Election Commission. Each centre Ta’mam visited, discrepancies were discovered and all were reported to the NEC.

2. Justice Africa has sent representatives to the National Election Commission (NEC), in order to seek out important information and further clarification on election procedures. Our aim is to provide well-informed information when delivering training to CSO activists, who themselves will act as trainers and train others

3. In March 2010, Justice Africa produced a Voter Education Training Manual in Arabic and English. Power point presentation was used to train trainers. Justice Africa also produced a video showing mock elections with explanations of the voting process, so that people who are illiterate in Sudan would be able to understand the process of voting.  

4. from 10th of March – 4 April 2010, Justice Africa has trained 455 activists, from Civil Society organizations, candidates, candidates’ agents and political parties’ activists such as National Justice Party, Ummah Party and SPLM party (North –South),  

5.  Justice Africa Distributed DVDs of mock election to trainers and  Voter Education Training Manual in Arabic and English and power point presentation on how to vote in right way, how to get observer accreditation and duties of local observers.

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