The small grant scheme for Sudanese Civil Society (Darfur)


The small grant scheme for Sudanese Civil Society (Darfur)

Justice Africa in partnership with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is implementing a Small Grants Scheme for Sudanese Civil Society (in Darfur).

The Scheme aims at Supporting the Sudanese Civil Society to play a greater role in peace-building in Darfur. It will provide training in the following areas: –

1.       Proposal writing

2.       Project cycle management

3.       Conflict sensitive analysis,  and

4.       Peace-building methodologies


The objective of this report is to provide the Donor (Partner) with project progress details in accordance with processes designed by Justice Africa and implementation plans.

Justice Africa has designed the following process for implementing this process: –

1.       Opening an office in Nyala

2.       A call for expression of interest

3.       Public meeting

4.       Applications processing

5.       Preparation of  a meeting and training hall inside justice Africa Office

6.       Meeting with all Darfur NGOs

7.       Mapping

8.       Selection

9.       Preparation of the Training Manuals

10.   Training




Work Plane

Opening an office in Nyala

A full-fledged office was opened in Nyala in date and a coordinator and supporting staff were appointed and now carrying out their duties from Nyala.


A call for expression of interest

Advertising for an expression of interest, has taken place on the daily newspapers on 06-Jul-09 with closing date at 33-Jul-09.  Our coordinator in Nyala also has taken part in conveying the message to NGOs in Darfur.  He reached Ginena to get applicants from West Darfur. The Conditions for applying were clearly stated as: –

1.       The NGO should have a registered legal entity, owned, based and authorized to work in Darfur.

2.       Full address, physical office address, mailing address, telephone No and a reference.

3.       Applicant must have the capacity (in terms of resources).

4.        Provide descriptive info about the non-profitable status of the Org.

5.       Status and nature of the Its operations.

6.       Evidence of organization’s continuous engagement in peace building, media issues and capacity building.

7.       Demonstrate the Organization’s financial stability in terms of funds, financial accountability and administrative professionalism.

Public meeting

Applications processing

A number of NGOs has sent their applications to Justice Africa office either directly or through our coordination office in Nyala. Total applications received  were 

Meeting with all Darfur NGOs

This meeting was held on 12/08/2009 in the offices of Justice Africa. It was presided over by Hafiz and attended by the following Organizations: –

The objective of the meeting was to explain to these organizations the basic and fundamental requirements of successfully, running an Ngo and A CSO. These requirements are: –

·         Ability to handle the Fund Raising Form (filling, justifying and answering Donor queries).

·         Knowledge and capacity to: –

o   Write reports

o   Prepare final accounts

o   Carry out performance appraisal.

·         Project management knowledge and capabilities.

·         Having the right capacity and resources.

·         Having the infrastructure and other work facilities.




The selection was done according to the criteria mentioned in the notice for the expression of interest. We could not meet the condition of selecting 15 organizations from each State in Darfur, because the number of NGOs in West Darfur is far less than our requirements.  Twenty two Organizations were found to successful (satisfying the criteria


The training is scheduled to take place on 15th of Oct 2009

The training package will cover the following Areas:-

1.      Fund Raising Form: filling, answering and justifications.

2.      Book keeping, preparation and presentation of final Accounts (financial statements).

3.      Using the  Computer

4.      Reports writing

5.      Performance appraisal 

6.      Conflict analysis & handling

7.       Project  management

Expected deliverables: –

1.      Ability to establish direct relationships with the Donors.

2.      Ability to handle the Fund Raising Form.

3.      Ability to answer Donor queries.

4.      Project Cycle Management

5.      Ability to prepare and present Final Accounts.

6.      Ability to write periodic progress reports.

7.      Conflict analysis, prevention and/or resolving.

8.      Awareness with peace-building methodology.

9.      Ability to obtain resources that will insure the sustainability of these Organizations.

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