“The people in Justice Africa are amazing, with a world of knowledge and in-depth understanding of issues – their experience itself is a guideline for researchers …sometimes even a casual chat over tea gave me good insight for my work”

Aditi Chowdhary, Justice Africa Intern 2006

Justice Africa offers an internship programme for young professionals and those studying at, or recently graduated from University. The aims of the internships are to develop the next cohort of policy researchers and activists, and to equip them with the research and professional skills necessary to develop their careers.

What do we offer our interns?

  • The opportunity to work with some of the most informed and distinctive African-focused policy professionals.
  • A strong introduction to the professional life and business of an NGO; learning to contribute to both the policy research and the administration of the organisation.
  • The opportunity to define and undertake new research related to Justice Africa’s programmes, and with our guidance, develop this into publishable-quality material.
  • An opportunity to meet researchers and activists from across Africa, develop networking connections, and attend conferences, seminars and other events on behalf of Justice Africa.
  • At the end of the internship, we would give you a reference for any future employers. We will also be able to respond to reference requests after you have left us.

What experience do I need to be a Justice Africa intern?

You don’t need any professional experience to be a Justice Africa intern. What you do need is enthusiasm and an interest in human rights and social justice in Africa. A lot of our interns will have a Master’s degree in a related field; but this is not mandatory. We would normally expect you to have a Bachelor’s degree, be studying for a Bachelor’s degree, or have some form of experience or knowledge of Africa or African issues. You would, however, need to be computer literate (email, internet and Microsoft packages).

How long does an internship last?

The internship can last for three or six months, depending on the intern’s preference, and in negotiation with Justice Africa.

Where is the internship based?

The internships are based in London or in Juba with our country office. Please note that for our internships in Juba, South Sudanese applicants are prioritised.

When do you take interns?

We take interns quaterly – in January, April, July, and September. We recognise that a lot of applicants will want to work during the summer vacation, and so we can be flexible as to when they start.

Are all applications accepted?

This depends on the demand for internships. The demand will be highest for summer and September places, and lower for January and April.  If we have more applications than places, we reserve the right to offer internships to the most suitable candidates.

Do you send interns to Africa?

Our country office based in Juba receives internship applications throughout the year. Unfortunately, neither of our offices have the funds to cover flights, but Justice Africa may be able to offer help with finding accommodation. Internships in South Sudan can start at a mutually agreed upon time with the country office in Juba.

Can I be an intern if I am not British?

Yes you can; but you must have a visa or residency to stay in Britain for the length of your internship, and you must be able to support yourself financially in London for the whole of your stay. We have sponsor status so if a candidate who has been selected for an internship needs a visa, we can provide sponsorship for a tier 5 visa for the length of the internship. This visa allows you to work for us on a voluntary basis. However, additional paid work is not permitted under the tier 5 visa sponsorship.

Do you have to be African, or of African ethnicity, to be a Justice Africa intern?

No you don’t; but we would especially welcome your application if you are, and if you felt that this would enhance the knowledge and experience that you would bring to Justice Africa.

Do you pay your interns?

Unfortunately, our funding does not allow us to pay our interns. However, if you are coming to us from outside London, we may be able to cover your travel costs. If you were to undertake any travel in London for Justice Africa or further afield, such as to attend a conference or meeting, we would be able to reimburse you.

Am I too old or young to be an intern?

You need to be at least 18 years old to be an intern. We have no upper age limit.

Can an internship count as college credit?

If your college is willing to accept the internship as credit, then you may do so, but this is up to you to arrange. We do not participate in any schemes where college credit is guaranteed by an internship. We are happy to supply the paperwork that is necessary should your college require it.

Can you suggest where else to be an intern?

You can try our partner organisations PADEAP or the Centre for Democracy and Development. You could also try Student’s Partnership Worldwide and Fahamu.

How do I apply?

You need to send us your C.V. with a one-page letter detailing yourself, your background, your interests, the location and round that you would like to intern on and why you wish to intern with us.

IMPORTANT: please include your desired round (Jan, April, July or Sept) and where you would like to intern (Juba or London) in the subject of your email as it makes it much easier for us to sort through applications. You can apply at any time, but you stand the best chance if you apply between three and six months before you would like to start.

If you are interested in an internship with Justice Africa, please send your application by e-mail attachment to

Please note: Internships in South Sudan can start at a mutually agreed upon time with our country office. Unfortunately, neither the country office nor the UK office can cover accommodation, travel or living costs.

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