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I became an intern at Justice Africa in June 2012 for two months, part-time. I have found the experience to be extremely fulfilling and enjoyable, and I felt like I rapidly became a valued member of the office with equal responsibilities and tasks. As a member of the team, I experienced the same trials and frustrations, as well as successes and triumphs, as my colleagues, and as such gained a much greater understanding of the day-to-day working and difficulties of this sector.

I very much enjoyed the research aspects of the internship, whether it be research for articles or as part of a project proposal or for information to back-up a grant application. Throughout this process I was able to learn a great amount and gain in-depth knowledge about certain issues pertaining to particular countries and regions. I also greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to write and publish articles on three different websites. I also spent a lot of time gaining significant fundraising skills, including participating in creating and fine-tuning project proposals, communicating with potential grantors, and updating office records on potential funding information. I was lucky enough to visit the FSI on behalf of Justice Africa in order to search through their database to locate new sources of funding for Justice Africa’s work. Being able to hone my research skills, proposal-writing experience, and sheer obstinacy and stubbornness in the process of attempting to find funding will be extremely beneficial to me in the future, in virtually any potential career.

Finally, it was a great pleasure to me to work in collaboration with a dynamic and enthusiastic group of colleagues who are not only experts in their field but extremely passionate about the work they do and their potential to positively impact certain challenged regions of the world. My experience with Justice Africa reignited my passion for working in this sector and for promoting justice and peace throughout the world.

Many thanks for this experience,


Tessa Bolton

Intern at Justice Africa summer 2012




I became an intern at Justice Africa (London) in September 2011 for a three-month period. I am currently studying human rights as part of my BA degree, so this organisation really appealed to me. Despite not having any experience with working for a non-profit organisation, the staff were very welcoming and encouraging.

The work I did for JA included editing proposals and writing human-rights related articles. I felt that this was very beneficial as some internships consist mostly of administrative tasks and errands, whereas I felt as though I was fully contributing to the important work done to promote peace and human rights in the Horn of Africa.

Because this is a smaller NGO, you really get the opportunity to be more involved and contribute to a worthy cause. To anyone considering applying for an internship at JA, I would really recommend it. It is a brilliant work environment to be a part of and I could not speak more highly of the people who work there. If possible, I would definitely have extended my stay as I enjoyed the experience so much.


Michelle Madden

Intern at Justice Africa autumn 201

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