Justice Africa is committed to mentoring and encouraging the next generation of African and African-focused researchers and activists. Interns are regularly recruited for three to six months in Justice Africa’s London office to support our work in Sudan and the Horn of Africa.

Our Current Interns are:

Siiri Makela  de Oliveira

Tomas Zak


Past Interns:

Ahmed Kodouda – Sudan Programme

Alasdair Mckay – Justice, Peace and Reconciliation in Darfur

Alex Crutcher – Forming Sudanese Identity: Religion, Ethnicty and Nationalism

Kady Kourouma – Nomadic Conflict in Mali

Laura Curtis

Mattias Richter

Mia Faull – HIV/AIDS in South Sudan with a Focus on Ex-combatants and Displaced People

Michelle Madden

Odinakoanye Lagi – Opportunities in Southern Sudan for Integrating Poverty Alleviation and Civil Society Capacity Building for More Stable Communities

Tessa Bolton

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