Who We Are

Justice Africa Sudan is an advocacy organisation and research institute founded in Khartoum in 2008 to campaign for human rights and social justice across Sudan.  Justice Africa  Sudan contributes to understanding and resolving some of the most pressing issues on Sudan , by means of conferences, media work, publications, direct engagement with policy makers, as well as initiating and supporting civil society activities for peace, justice and democracy .

Justice Africa Sudan has become one of the most distinctive and individual voices for Sudan and South Sudan and has achieved this because it is run by, for and with Sudanese  and Sudanese  communities; guided by the Pan-African slogan “Nothing for me without me”  and heritage of local conflict resolution mechanisms.


Justice Africa Sudan seeks to:

•           Build coalitions of institutions, interest groups and individuals with the common aim of seeking solutions to Sudan’s developmental and governance challenges

•           Promote peaceful civic action as a response to the threats of war and human rights abuses

•           Support dialogue, debate, and the free exchange of ideas across Sudan and South Sudan, especially focusing on the promotion of innovative and constructive approaches to the resolution of conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan

•           Enhance democracy in  Sudan and South Sudan  at the local, sub-regional, regional, national and international levels, thereby increasing the legitimacy and accountability of Sudanese  and Sudan-wide institutions

•           Support the creation and development of robust and principled civil society groups across Sudan

•           Promote access to books and other educational resources in Sudan.

•           Enlighten Sudanese people with their human, civil and democratic rights and supporting them achieving that through peaceful and democratic means.

•           Rethink the approaches taken by Sudanese elites in addressing issues of democracy good governance since its independent and ended with Sudan moving around a cycle of war and peace, democracy and dictatorship that led to a country in war with itself.

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