Our History

Justice Africa was founded in 1999 in London as an advocacy organisation and research institute to campaign for human rights and social justice across Africa. This initial focus on advocacy and research was due to continued conflicts, human rights abuses and lack of democracy in Africa. The immediate motivation for establishing Justice Africa was the fear that civil society organisations in a majority of places in Africa were not equipped to sustain the vision of a Pan-African civil society. In many instances, they were unable to restrain the tendencies of governments towards militarism, authoritarianism, intolerance and corruption.

Our initial focus began with the “Horn of Africa”, a region where the problems of division, conflict, inequitable development and the lack of democracy are particularly acute. Our focus spread to include the “Great Lakes” region; and through our partnership with regional NGOs and sub-regional institutions we now have a pan-African focus.

Over time, our work has increasingly involved work with civil society organisations to support them and help raise their capacity and coordination. Justice Africa now serves as focal point for activities by a range of like-minded organisations in Africa. We partner with a network of organisations, initiating and supporting civil society activities promoting human rights, democracy and peace in Africa; as well as providing some of the best and most distinctive independent research and policy analysis on the continent. A partnership with the African Union (AU) and its emerging institutions is currently being built through a human rights memorial joint project.

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