Our Approach

Justice Africa’s approach is based on the belief that the greater inclusion of civil society in the implementation of conflict resolution and democracy holds out the promise of a more inclusive and sustainable transformation to peace. In order to achieve our aims, we ensure that our programmes are:

• Comprehensive: We believe that it is impossible to promote one aspect of peace and democratic processes in the absence of concern with other aspects.

• Pro-Active: We believe in long term strategies which enable local actors to be meaningfully involved in conflict prevention, peace building and democratic processes to ensure strong foundations for peaceful communities who are aware of their right to participate in decision making processes which affect them.

• Locally Owned: We design and conduct our programmes in consultation with all relevant stakeholders at every stage of project implementation. There is no ‘‘formula’ or blueprint for this. Our support to civil society and communities is a process and flexibility is essential to meet stakeholder needs.

• Impartial: Although we have links with all parties to conflict, which ensure our capacity to work with all stakeholders in seeking peace, we remain impartial and have only one objective: to sustain peace.

We support civil society to ensure their presence as a collective, visible sector that legitimately voice citizen’s concerns, participate in political processes, and pave the way to long term peace and democratic transformation.

Justice Africa does not seek to determine the direction or activities of civil society organisations but rather seeks to bring them together in order to identify their own priorities, and then provide them with capacity building and technical expertise so that they can better engage with the priority activities they have identified.

For more about our dynamic approach and to understand how we share information about past project CLICK HERE.

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