Our Aims

Our aims are:

• To build coalitions of institutions, interest groups and individuals with the common aim of seeking solutions to Africa’s developmental and governance challenges;

• To promote peaceful civic action as a response to the threats of war and human rights abuses;

• To support dialogue, debate, and the free exchange of ideas across the African continent, especially focusing on the promotion of innovative and constructive approaches to the resolution of conflicts in Africa;

• To enhance democracy in Africa at local, sub-regional, regional, national and international levels, thereby increasing the legitimacy and accountability of African states and Africa-wide institutions;

• To support the creation and development of robust and principled civil society groups across Africa;

• To forge partnerships with a network of organisations to initiate and support civil society activities promoting justice, human rights, democracy and peace in Africa;

• To address and memorialise issues pertinent to human rights atrocities and genocides in Africa;

• To promote access to books and other educational resources in Africa.

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